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Zodiac Prints
Why not purchase a print of the year of your birth, or as a gift for a friend or relative. They are an ideal gift containing a high-quality print of the animal and displaying a small extract of the background behind your Animal Sign.
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Individuals born in the years of the Metal element are success-driven. They will pursue their goals with confidence and determination.

They are unwavering in their efforts to achieve their objectives and are undeterred by setbacks, failures or hardships. This persistence can, however, work against them if they refuse to let go of situations that are no longer feasible.

People ruled by the Metal element can be highly unreasonable, inflexible and stubborn at times. They are self-reliant and are apt to sort out problems on their own.

They like to choose their own destinies and will fashion their lives towards this end. They dislike it when others try to interfere in their affairs. People under this element have a certain electricity about them. They have strong impulses which will be felt by the people around them. They also possess the strength and the energy to bring about the changes they desire.

Their strong monetary instincts will effectively support their tastes for luxury and power.

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